La Salle University in Madrid


In 1948 the brothers of the Christian Schools (La Salle) began as a Teacher Training School and since 1978, we are a center attached to the Autonomous University of Madrid. It is organized in several centers: The University Center with large areas of knowledge: Education Sciences, Health Sciences. Area of Sciences of Religion and the International Gaduate School (IGS) that manages postgraduate courses. The offer of university degrees is: Teaching Training for Infant Education and Primary, Social Education, Social Work, Design and Management of Transmedia Projects, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Podiatry. Number of students: 1,500 undergraduate and 400 postgraduate. It is part of an international network (IALU) with 350 years of experience, presence in 82 countries, 73 Universities and Business Schools and one million students.

Contact persons:

  • Pilar Muñoz
  • Javier Ortega
  • Manuel Pérez