La Salle Institución


Manual of the preschool

La Salle Institución is a semi-stated founded school located in Madrid, in the Las Águilas neighbourhood. At present, the educational work developed in the center serves a large group of students and covers all educational levels: infant, primary, secondary education, high school and vocational training.

Institución La Salle has been characterized for being an open-door, creative and welcoming center, with great initiatives and concerned about providing a comprehensive education that reaches everyone. Inspired by the example of Saint Juan Bautista de La Salle to educate children and young people in a human and Christian approach. This concept of school goes further than the school´s schedule  and tries to help students to open up to a world of wide dimensions.

The Center has extensive facilities that are updated and modernized according to the needs and possibilities, always with the support and effort of the entire educational community.

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We have 8 infant classrooms:

Elefantes (elephants) 3-4 years 22 children 1
Gatos (cats) 3-4 years 22 children 1
Dinosaurios (dinosaurs) 3-4 years 23 children 1
Leones (lions) 4-5 years 23 children 1
Pompas (bubbles) 4-5 years 23 children 1
Arcoiris (rainbow) 4-5 years 24 children 1
Gatitos unicornios (rainbow cats) 5-6 years 25 children 1
Sirenitas (mermaids) 5-6 years 25 children 1

Opening hours:

  • General: 09:00-16:30
  • Extra services:
  • Morning with breakfast: from 8:00-09:00
  • Extracurricular activities: from 16:30-17:30.

Number of staff is regulated by law: for children 3-6 years we have to be 1staff/ teacher for every 25 children. All these teachers have an official education degree. In addition, we have one extra person that helps in the three classrooms of 3-4 years old children, an English certificated teacher and a native english teacher.

The content of practice is based on our curriculum and own project based on these pedagogical principles:

  • Interiority
  • knowledge construction
  • self-regulate behavior
  • mind, body and movement
  • social dimension

It also has a wide range of measures to attend to diversity, developing Improvement Programs, Basic Professional Training, compensatory classrooms, Link (foreigners, non-spanish speakers) and Enclave (Autism) classrooms.